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Vision and Athletic Performance Enhancement Center
 Dr. J.C. Magun

6941 N. Trenholm Rd.
Suite O-204 Columbia, S.C. 29206
Telephone 1-803-787-2025

Q: What Is VAPEC?
A: Vision and Athletic Performance Enhancement Center.

Q: What does the center do?
A: The Center has multiple applications for various vision
      related problems.

      1. Works with athletes to improve athletic performance from
          high school level to professional and Olympics athletes.
          Athletes develop faster reaction time, more in zone mindset
         and enhanced peripheral vision and awareness and, at times
         helps athletes to achieve slow motion phenomenon in which
         actions appear to be significantly slowing down.

      2. Helps kids with ADD be more attentive and perform better in
          the classroom venue.

      3. Improves vision of people with macula degeneration and low
          vision problems.

      4. Can reduce or eliminate nearsightedness in a non-invasive

      5. Improves vision of people with amblyopia(lazy eye) and age
          is not a limiting factor.

      6. Assists people with stroke and closed head injuries to
          improve vision and field loss.

Q: Who is the Center Director?
A: Dr. Jeff Magun, Optometrist.

A: Fellow of The American Academy of Optometry, Co-recipient of
      research funds from the The National Eye Institute, private
      practice since 1969 and Vision Director for Special Olympics in
      South Carolina.

Q: How long does it take to participate in this program?
A: Normally, 6 weeks composed of one, one hour session per week
     for the sports program, amblyopia(lazy eye) treatment and ADD
     treatment. For other issues, it may take up to 10 weeks.

Q: What does he use?

Q: What are the costs?
A: $100.00 per session for all issues except for amblyopia(lazy
      eye) treatment, which requires half hour sessions. Therefore, it
      is $50.00 per session.


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